Why I'm a Chiropractor

Zak Chiropractic serving Kansas City Lee's Summit MO At the age of 11, David Zak’s mother took him to a chiropractor because his lower back had locked up when he was getting on his bicycle. The doctor adjusted him and said something that made quite an impression on the young man…”I bet you have some really bad allergies.” How did he know that? Neither David nor his mother had mentioned that to the doctor and it was not allergy season. After being adjusted, he no longer had any problems with allergies.

When David was leaving the office the doctor gave him something to ponder, saying, “You might make a good chiropractor some day.” Before long, David had made his decision and informed his parents that he wanted to be a chiropractor. He knew he wanted to be in healthcare and to be self-employed, and chiropractic seemed to make sense. Dr. Zak likes getting to the cause of the health problem and helping people enjoy a healthy and long life.